The Living Room

What is The Living Room?

It’s about lif

It’s about your life.  It’s about hope, trust, companionship, and fellowship.  The Living Room is a place for you to come to talk, to listen, to pray, to hope, to cherish, to give, and to gain.  This is a safe place to look, learn, and listen.  Whatever life throws at you, The Living Room offers a place to come and get support, or give support.  A community of camaraderie where help isn’t out of the question.  Where answers will be found for whatever situation you are in.  Where hope can be hoped for.  Where questions can find answers.  And where friends can find friendships.  It a safe place to let life flow.

Painting Party
Thursday September 21st.
We are painting the walls in The Living Room.  Come and join the fun.  Many hands make light work!

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Please keep this outreach program’s development in your prayers.  Stay Tuned!

Donations Requested: We are looking for the donation of a Keurig so we can have hot drinks when needed.  We may need other items as well so let CJ or Amelia know before you get rid of living room type items (i.e. chairs, lamps, area rugs, end table, air conditioners to name a few).

The Living Room is located at 24 Maple St, Contoocook NH
(It’s the small building next to the Contoocook United Methodist church.)



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